05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki
Duchnice ul. Ożarowska 28/30

tel.: +48 531 777 555

e-mail: sprzedaz@djp-poland.com
Jak do nas dojechać?
DJP company has been operating on Polish market for a few years, offering sorted secondhand clothing, shoes, bags, belts and toys. We cooperate with regular customers in Member States, Eastern Europe and Africa. We provide goods in containers of 40HC,in standard bales, within Europe and 45kg or 55kg within Africa due to reduce to min transport costs.

We provide excellent quality control measures when grading our products and carefully select our clothes to make them ready for retail at points of sale.

Production line is prepared by following categories:

West Africa- clothes packed in bales of 55kg.

East Africa- clothes packed in bales of 45kg

We guarantee high quality of our products as well as attractive and competitive prices.